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ZEWA Moist Toipa

Creative approaches

Route 1:

When the audience considers different toilet paper options, they don't expect big improvements from one product to another. Our goal is to show that a much higher amount of comfort, cleanness and satisfaction should be expected from ZEWA moist toipa.
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Toipa face
Chamber saunas are a wonderfully creepy invention. Who knows what's going on down there, when we can only see your grinning face?

This is why we use similar setups to test-drive moist toipa. We film people reactions on their first usage of the product, and only after half of the video is gone, we hear flushes and understand what kind of products they are really testing.

Go for some Toipa face!

Fresh ambush
Example of video mapping
We place Moist Toipa in public toilets (cinemas/malls) and transform the space suddenly by a video mapping or a physical ambush to a fresher place.
Free hugs (from behind)
Big, white and soft.
Our agents, dressed in a super-soft white Moist Toipa costumes, suddenly hug people from behind.
A softer feeling
Looks ordinary, feels unbelievable
We change objects in public space to their much, much softer copies.
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Route 2

And Antiutoipia
Heaven and hell.
They exist for everyone and everything, including our delicate rear part.
(A reference of a brand-relevant world)
There are things that are good for your southern point, and Moist Toipa is among them. And then there are nasty things like one-layered dry toilet paper or a whip or a hot burrito.

We create a world of Utoipia/Antiutoipia, building communication around it. This may include: a test to determine on which circle of Antiutoipia your bottom currently is, a video of a butt travelling from bottom to the top, etc.
Route 3

Desperate Dads

Dads are desperately asking for help, and Zewa is here to comfort them.
There is no bigger disaster than dad alone with little kid(s).

Facing a raging mammoth is one thing, but facing your own two-year-old is much, much worse.

When the mom is out, dad gets desperate and needs help asap.

And towels, many of them.
ZEWA creates a support campaign for dads left alone with kids, including instructions on hygiene - for toddlers as well as for the fathers themselves (what a guilty pleasure it is, to yield to the unprecedented comfort of moist toilet paper after such a stress!)
Desperate dads video series
Much like the Old spice series, we introduce a hero who teaches dads how to deal with kids, what lifehacks to apply. And the center of communication is Moist Toipa, which is actually misused in a number of ways before the dad uses it properly himself.

Route 4
"Zewa clean"

There's dirty. There's OK. There's clean.
And then there's ZEWA clean.
Fake bidet
In public toilets, we place fake bidets with Moist Toipa packs instead of the tap.

Clean city
We organize a team of cleaners that make the city clean as never before.
Route 5

Swipe away

Sh*t happens. It's just life. So take moist toipa and swipe away all the shit from your life.
Swipe away
Everyone does some shit in their life. Not only literally. Bad solutions, wrong relationships, dumb choices. Especially when you have to make decisions that affect society.

We create tools for swiping away SMS/Facebook/Twitter fails - or the entire year, if you think it was sh*tty.

No-sh*t billboard
We place billboards or portable OOH that obstruct the sh*tty views, leaving you with a perfectly clean city scenery.

Route 6

The special skin care

We all know how many skin care products a woman can use.

But there is one she still doesn't.
We have skin care products for every area of your body. For eyes, face, neck, elbows, breast, belly, thighs, feet… but the puzzle isn't complete unless you add Moist Toipa – the best skin care for your most sensitive part of the body.

For my 0.03%
We create a series of "fake" ads in Skin Care tone of voice with testimopnials from women that talk about "that 0.03% of me" that was never cared for enough.

Bonus idea

The softer side

Everyone has a softer side, literally and poetically speaking.

Moist toipa helps combining the two meanings.
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