The father of hard rock & heavy metal, founder and frontman of the Motorhead band for 40 years
He created the sound and the spirit of rock music, with one exception: he lived fast, but he did not die young.
His best friend has always been a bottle of Jack.
1945 — 2015
And he died December 28th, 2015. A week after his final concert in Hamburg.

Three days after his 70th birthday.
Yes, he was born on Christmas. This has been since a source for a number of jokes.
To commemorate Lemmy on his 71st anniversary, December 25th 2016, Jack Daniels helps a group of Motorhead fans assemble a gigantic Lemmy portrait out of JD bottles.
It should look like this famous Woodrow Wilson human portrait of 1918, only made of Jacks instead of people.

We then spread all of the participating bottles to HoReCa channel as a special "Lemmy Edition" so that everyone could drink for his memory.
Like this.
Lemmy Christmas, motherfuckers!
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