This is Latvia

And this is Latvia, too

Our GDP is in the 2nd hundred, near El Salvador, Honduras and Trinidad and Tobago

And this is why many of us are depressed.

Our biggest treasure is this.

(Hint: it's our nature).
What if we just have the wrong measurment system?
No wonder even deemed GDP an outdated concept back in 2014:
Latvia becomes the first country to introduce a Gross Domestic Nature (GDN) as an important KPI.
The new KPI should be coined in by a proactive and socially responsible political force, calculated every year by country's top ecologists and used in PR activities to show the progress in preserving the nature and building a sustainable environment.

As with GDP, we will also calculate Gross Domestic Nature per capita, emphasizing how naturally-rich every Latvian is.
Just like Bhutan once did with Gross National Happiness, we will take the lead on appropriate, eco-friendly metrics and show the rest of the world an example on how to set and achieve goals that are more important than wealth and purchasing power.
Because it's a natural thing to count and protect such a treasure.
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