A telco participation opportunity
The most renowned alternative classical festival creates a sponsored musical piece completely from audience voice data.
Sansusī is the alternative chamber music festival that takes place in Latvian woods near Susēja in August.

It is a hip and high culture event at the same time, open for various formats from classical pieces on stage to neo-classical opera in the woods to sympho/electronic performances.
(read more at www.sansusi.lv)
Sansusī rehearsals and audience.
A talented ambient/neoclassical composer is contracted to perform a piece from his latest work...
...composed entirely from audience voice samples collected over the phone line and at the festival check-in booth.
The simple mechanics
We are offering to become the festival's telco partner by being a brand presenting this particular crowd-voicing project.

The simple four-step mechanics allows to generate brand-relevant buzz before, during and after the festival and — what's more important — use the occasion as a good cause PR tool.

Sansusī festival announces "Give your voice to the festival" activity in social networks and web on behalf of the telco partner.

As part of the announcement, voices of participants are collected via a short number provided by the telco partner. One calls and records his greeting via the number to become a part of the performance.


A dedicated branded phone booth is a festival check-in point where visitors record their greeting to the Sansusī festival. A loop of electronic/ instrumental music is getting improved with new sounds from guests and musicians attending the festival.


The performance is done at night during the festival. The composer arranges all voice samples we gathered into a musical piece with every single participant tagged at respective timing (when we hear his voice).


PR: the performance is released and seeded in social & video networks as a result of partnership between the telco sponsor and the festival, and respective articles appear in media.

to sum up
This one-of-a-kind performance is a way to show how communication creates beauty, and how each voice can be a part of something big and unique.
Now it's your say.
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